Mind Your Mind @ College

Mind Your Mind at College

College students face a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed, even from those who have the best intentions. It’s a cycle – poor mental health can negatively impact your school performance and relationships, which can then further affect your mental health. You don’t have to have a mental health condition to take care of your mental health.


Start by learning the signs of stress and taking care of your mental wellness every day! For suggestions, click here:
Mind Your Mind at College

New! Mind Your Mind in Graduate School


This website provides information and support for teens and young adults struggling with mental health issues, including suicide. All the material is written by teens and young adults and includes fact sheets, how to help yourself and your friends, and the ReachOut blog.

The Jed Foundationjedfoundation.org
Promotes emotional health among college and university students.  Includes sections for students, parents and campus staff, resources and links.

Website of Lane County Public Health’s Prevention Program.  Topics include suicide prevention, mental health, alcochol & other drugs, and problem gambling.  Local resources also included.

Online resource for college mental health, confidential screening, hotline and text resources.